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This is where you begin to get organized!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) help you learn about Survival Stores and the concept of GCOOP (See What is Preparedness? for more information on GCOOP)

Inventory Management 

Catalog Management Feature

Inventory Search & Management Features

Inventory Details

Catalog / Inventory Management Function
  • Supports pictures for items – import a graphics file directly to the catalog entry
  • Supports Barcode reader – Shortens the inventory add process
  • Locations (unlimited), rooms, shelf numbers, containers
  • Supports original packaging plus how you may have repackaged for long term storage
  • Document use of O2 absorbers or Nitrogen method for bulk storage items
  • Date Decoder for MRE and Freeze Dried meals
  • Cost and disposal method tracking – Possible tax implications for donations (w/report)
  • Estimated Useful life (based on location / Temperature)
  • Re-Order level capability (w/report)
  • Best-By-Date entry (w/report)
  • Rich Search Feature using filters for rapid access to your inventory
  • Access inventory using Barcode
  • Inventory options unlimited – Food, Water, Clothing, Movies, Music, Library, Tools, Medical Supplies, Fuel, etc. You decide!

Plan Builder 

Planning Feature

You’ll have access to a series of functions:
  • Household Member definition – Ties into the Assessment Function (how many am I planning for?)
  • Vital Records – Recommendations to save you from the disaster after the disaster!
  • Go Kit Builder – Ever wonder what to include? Start with a list developed over years of experience and research
  • Plans Builder – Create and print an unlimited number of plans
    • Shelter in place – Evacuations – Rendezvous
    • Keep track of the last time you practiced the plan
    • Vehicle Payload planning
    • Route and fuel stop planning – primary and secondary
  • Contact List Builder – Create multiple custom lists and print them for inclusion in your Go Kits
  • Reminders – Don’t lose sight of tasks


Recipe Feature

The Recipe feature helps to:
  • Make what you store/stock
  • Don’t store what people don’t like to eat!
  • Print your recipe
  • Test your recipes


Report Feature

You have access to several reports:
  • Re-Order level – When you use inventory and reach a minimum amount this item will show up on a report
  • About to Expire – Run a report of when items are going to expire in the next 30, 60, 90, 120 days
  • Bin Contents – Great for visibility without unpacking
  • Catalog Listing – What does my purchase plan look like?
  • Inventory Listing – What have I purchased and placed into inventory?
  • Your Plans – Select and print your plan
  • Items on Loan – To whom have you loaned items?
  • Recipe Shopping List
  • Go Kit Report – What is in your Go Kit?
  • More...

More Features 

System Settings Feature

Manage tables and settings in Survival Stores

Assessment Feature

Quick view of any expired inventory plus estimates on how far your inventory will go.

FAQ Feature

Search for help by topic or keyword (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent to view)

System Activity Feature
  • Monitor activity in Survival Stores
  • When did I do the last backup?
  • What did I last enter?
  • When did I last check my inventory?
  • That and more!

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